Mario Pereira



After making both a fortune and name for himself, Mario Pereira left the world of finance working for a well-known institution to pursue his true calling of event management. Since then he has been at the cutting edge of the industry creating unique and well-tailored experiences for a wide variety of clients.

Irish-Brazilian who now lives in Switzerland, Pereira sets himself apart from others in the business by adopting and utilizing technology to improve efficiency, security, and guest satisfaction. In the book "How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Events Industry", he talks about the direction that can be chosen in this era when things are changing and more inclined towards technology (Artificial Intelligence).

After the total shut down due to Covid-19, he wanted a way to share what he had learned and illustrate his realization that technology and systematic innovation can change the industry"s challenges. It is this wide breadth of experience gathered over many years that the author wishes to distill.